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Your contribution helps for thousands of people and revamp the life of a woman, children and needy one’s which help them to live respective life.

Awami dawakhana with Allopathic in
Bandra east Mumbai in 2011-2012.

All government
scheme’s awareness.

Herbal unani medical unit .
since year 2000

School in BPL areas.
a) In Alvin agar Loni Ghaziyabad.
b) In Bhaipur Thakurdawara.
c) In Nalasopara east Mumbai.

Free coaching for
Urdu, English, Hindi, Marathi, Science, Maths, Arabic etc.

Free vocational guidance center.

Aasan shaadi abhyan.


School in BPL areas

Need charity for this is must. Government helps after so many years and bribe but children need
now. Schools are on rent. Students sitting on floor because of no furniture. Trust gives them
quality education but no quality facilities like furniture, play ground, uniform etc ; because of
low money level.


Janta Desi Dawakhana

Trust serves unani herbal medicine with the help of registered hakim to any type of disease,
I.C.U patients, operated patients, gall stone, cancer patients, T.B patients, Cholera, Malaria
Ptyphoid, Hepatitis – B, Pneumonia, etc. Donate for needy and cancer patients.


Awareness of government’s scheme

Our member survey different areas collect the people and aware those about government’s scheme like scholar ship scheme, PMKVY scheme, and minorities concern schemes, DDU yojna, Angan wadi, Nari Jagruti for girls and women.

Our Projects

Aasan Shaadi Abhyan

Trust supports a boy; first for education to build up or make up his future
and maintain his life settled . So he can start his marry life happily. We appreciate educated life partners. Our slogan is “Give Dowry to son”. If every parents gives dowry to our son and his wife so nobody ask dowry from Daughter in law. Please dowry to boy not to girl ; though you have lot of money and treasure; don’t give dowry to your girl.


Free Tuitions for Urdu, English, Hindi, Arabic, Marathi, Maths, and Science

Trust serve free coaching to students; and payment to teachers. Your donation can pay a teacher who deserves it.

Free Vocational , Educational Guidance

Trust’s Experts advice or guidance a student, a couple, a psycho patient, a Scio patient and satisfy them ; for Nation’s Growth. Submit your Precious charity for Nation’s Growth.


Need Projects

We Do A Let To Make All The Children Of The World Happy

Featured Project


Free vocational

We teach other people or provide information about,how to improve our living life style and income. We provide new proccess to develop there bussiness and apply on it. We helps the people to selecting there bussiness perposals and teach them how to invest less input and make maximum output.Our trust alwys think better for other people.Our thinking is to helps to the people it also help to our country.

1. seek knowledge is a right of all give to all.

2. Health and higher education to all poor and orphan.

3. Building up universities, schools, orphanages, and hospitals in needy areas.

4. Help to battle afflicted, flood afflicted etc.

News & Events


Educational Guidance

Our trust helps the students to find their career line and interest of students which is good for the student and his career. we always thing “padhega indian tabhi to badhega India” because students whole life impact on our country as well as his/her family too.We always think the betterment of student.


Free Education classes

We have appropriate teachers and appropriate sessions for students which help the students .We have the facility of English,Hindi,Urdu,Marathi,Maths,Science which allows the students for there career and our always think the student betterment.